glenda + michael - 4.14.18

When we first met Glenda and Michael for drinks at Churchkey, they told us they were very awkward and didn't think they'd be able to look cute on their wedding day.

They lied.

Glenda and Michael were two of the darncutenest people we've ever had the pleasure of partying with. They messed around with and teased each other all day, and it made for one of the best wedding films we've ever made.

These two? Not cute? Ha. They're so cute we want to take them back to Churchkey just to party with them all over again.

stephanie + brooks - 6.2.18

When we first met Stephanie, she told us:

"We love Mexican food, margaritas, and quality dance parties."

And MAN, DID THEY COME THROUGH with the best margarita dance party we've been to! These two kids know how to get down, and we had a blast gettin' down with them! 🕺🏻💃🏻

Besides their dance skills, Stephanie and Brooks were incredibly warm and inviting to us, especially since they are from St. Louis, Missouri, and hadn't met us until the day of their wedding! But their adorable, goofy, down-to-earth love spread to everyone in attendance of their day, including us, and we're so grateful they had us as a part of their wedding.


Plus any time we can be at Pageo Lavender Farm, we just about die, (hence the lavender LAVENDER EVERYWHERE in their wedding film) – and we were also so stoked since the ourDIYlove photo camper was there too and it was our first time getting to party in the booth!


Stephanie & Brooks, cheers to both you guys and we'll catch you for a drink soon next time we're in St. Louis!



music: "introduction" by stop motion poetry, and "lover" by in the valley below

natalie + michael - 4.21.18

He’s a little bit country, she’s a little bit rock-n-roll . . . at least that’s what Natalie and Michael told us when we were chatting about the details of their wedding video.

And then the night before the ceremony they said, “Dudes, come party with us!” Little did we know that “a little bit rock-n-roll” actually would mean the funkiest of funk 70’s iconic awesomeness would be all they were playing. Blue Swede. Bowie. ELO. Zeppelin. Rock on!

So what happens when the bride is a little bit rock-n-roll and the groom is a little bit country? Split the difference and craft two videos that are just extra extra. I guess you could call the two versions of their Natalie and Michael's film the "his and hers" package!

Add a splash of SoCal style and adventure in Yosemite and you know what? I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

maylynn + travis - 11.12.17

Maylynn and Travis were the best way to end our 2017 – watching this family come together and party and scream and cry their asses off all to celebrate the love these two have for each other and their, it was so great to be a part of it.

Not to mention the fact that they got married at The Century, a STUNNING venue in downtown Modesto that we just L O V E (so much exposed brick and wood . . . it's a dream!)

Maylynn and Travis and fam! We dig you guys hard! Thanks for having us as a part of your day!

simone + sean - 11.11.17

Fred and Ginger. Bogie and Becall. Simone and Sean. 

Oh, you don’t know Simone and Sean? But you must, because they are the hottest couple in. the. world. 

Simone sings. Sean dances. You guys, it’s like they took the classics and made them radder. And when Simone walked down the aisle, she walked to a song she wrote and performed. 

This was also our first time shooting at the Old Sugar Mill, and that was rad, too. A classic. Just like Simone and Sean.

Now we know what goodness means.

janae + adam - 10.20.17

Meet Janae and Adam, who, if you met them on Halloween night, would have greeted you dressed as Wayne and Garth. Naturally then, we had exactly one song choice for this most Bohemian of wedding videos. Game on!

Here we give you that most excellent couple, who threw one helluva wedding celebration in San Diego. Good call! The couple we consider our best friends. The couple who chose that most epic of musical masterpieces, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as their song of choice for this little White Raven Production.

Know what else? Janae and Adam weathered the weirdest of wedding shoots when our lead videographer broke his arm, in his hotel room, the night before their wedding. Honestly, we’re not worthy. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

hoa + toan - 9.30.17

A tea ceremony, an American-style wedding, an exultant party disguised as a reception  . . . this may be one of the coolest all-day, celebrate-for-hours, kick-up-your-heels, pleasurable experiences we’ve ever had.

Meet Hoa and Toan, two beautiful people who love their Vietnamese culture and family and wanted to celebrate all the things. So we helped. We think the marriage (see what we did there?) of east and west is transcendent and wonderous.

And in between the traditional tea ceremony and the very western wedding, we White Raven peeps got to grab Sacramento’s best coffee, so, winning. 

sima + eugene - 10.2.17

Who would've thought that a simple post on Reddit would lead to two Americans, two Icelanders, and two Russians all running around the coasts of Iceland together? Still can't believe these cuties invited us to join them at their elopement on the cliffs of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula – literally the raddest thing that's ever happened.

Not to mention that these two are some of the most lovingest, funniest, sarcasticest, bestestest people we've ever met! Sima and Eugene spent the day running on the beach, surprising each other with kisses, cracking jokes, cracking up at each other's jokes, and generally being the damn cutest couple ever.

Now all we want is to go visit them in St. Petersburg (but also kidnap them and all go live in Iceland together). CHEERS YOU BABES.

lindsey + james - 7.19.17

She's from Texas, he's from England, they met in Vietnam, they got engaged in Bali, they live in Australia, they got married in Yosemite, they're honeymooning in Amsterdam, and I'm out of breath because these two are too much adventure and cuteness to even handle. 😍🌲🙌🏻 It's couples like Lindsey and James that make us so stoked we get to do this every day. Can we marry them already??

alexa + max - 6.3.17

Can we shoot all the weddings and all the parties and all the fun at this house forever?? We've had a wicked good time shooting several Alger weddings at this awesome place, and have had just the most kickass time – especially with these two! Alexa and Max nailed the perfect mix of classy elegance and downright fun, and we LOVED being with them! Now to just take them out on the lake here in a boat and have the best double dates with these two married cuties!

alex + will - 5.27.17

YES YES YES, we've been waiting sooooo long to get this one done!! These two kids are the most cutiest, lovingest dorks we've hung out with in a long time. Alex and Will are so beyond head-over-heels for each other that we just got to run around all day shooting them being adorable as heck. And that's not even mentioning the fact that they're both #modelstatus – holy crap, these two are just a pair of hotties and when they have kids, those kids will be a blessing to humanity. We're getting ahead of ourselves: just hit that play button and watch these two giggle all day long during one of the best weddings of our year!

jessika + brett - 6.10.17

Has it already been five months?? These two rang in their love in the most perfect way on one of the most perfect days we've ever been a part of! Killer views of the Delta, a sunset to DIE for, and new best friends made at the ceremony. Plus, we got to jump in the Trulight Photobooth for the first time and's so much fun!! Jessika and Brett's day was amazing from start to finish – a first look that had us in tears all the way to tequila shots in handmade cups. Love these kids so much!

lyndee + brandon - 5.13.17

You guys wanna talk about the BEST SUNSET EVER?? Seriously. The universe must just love the heck out of Lyndee and Brandon because it put on a frickin' show for them on their best day ever. Shooting this wedding out in Oakdale, CA with Ellie Ford made for some of the coolest shots we've ever taken...and that's not just a reference to the kickass party they had afterwards! Congrats guys!

alyssa + brent - 4.29.17

THESE TWO 😍😍 – Alyssa and Brent threw the most kickass party of all time. Their wedding party was a group of the most ridiculously fun people we've ever had the pleasure to meet, and they danced their frickin' asses off all night long. Seriously; check that dancing footage at the end of the video. These kids got craaaaaaaaaaaazzyyyyy. Not to mention that Alyssa and Brent hit us up long before their wedding day so we had a full year of getting to know them before running around and getting eaten by mosquitos while the two of them made out and laughed the whole time. This was one for the books!

taylor + cody - 4.23.17

I don't think we've hung out with a couple who has laughed together more than these two cuties. Literally the whole day was Taylor and Cody and Ellie and us laughing our asses off at each other as we ran around by the river all day. Even during their vows, they couldn't keep from giggling at how much they're just completely head over heels for each other. If that kind of love isn't the truest, then I really don't know what is. 

sarah + ryan - 4.8.17

OKAY THESE GUYS. 😍😍😍 If we could spend every weekend walking around downtown Sacramento with them, we 100% would. Sarah's bouquet blew us away, and their first look in their penthouse suite was one of the sweetest moments we've ever seen. Guys. If you could just hold hands and let us follow you with a camera forever, that'd be the beeesssssssssst!!

mandy + carlo - 3.25.17

When we met Mandy and Carlo for coffee before their wedding, Carlo told us that there might be a moment where he grabs the microphone and raps the entirety of "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, to which Mandy said that if he did, she would kill him. And then they both broke down laughing. Which is kind of the best thing that's ever happened to us...until their reception:


Don't think we need to say anything else. These two were the absolute coolest, and we loved everything about their day – from rapping 90's hits to running around the coolest old barn. Mandy and Carlo, you guys are the cutest and we love you forever.

jenny + nick - 4.1.17

OMG the biggest freaking shout-out to Will Khoury for introducing us to these two fantastic humans. Just the chance to be out on the cliffs with Jenny and Nick is one we'll always be grateful for, because seriously LOOK. HOW. AMAZING. THIS. DAY. WAS. And when you basically have two supermodels for a bride and groom...just. Okay I'll shut up so you can watch the video now. This was the most amazing day ever. 😄🙌🏻

carlos + wil - 3.16.17

And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
Cannot be killed or swept aside,
Now fill the world with music, love, and pride

Holy moly, are we so grateful these two invited us to be a part of their day. This was our first same-sex wedding, and to have the opportunity to be present at the joining of two incredible dudes who want to spend their lives giggling and adventuring, it was so. damn. good. It's days like these – when we get to celebrate with two people who are so undeniably in love that it brings us to tears – days like these are what keep us so excited to film more love stories. Courthouse weddings are always so fun because while most wedding days are surrounded by flowers and bridesmaids and favors and DJs, weddings in a courthouse are all about two people coming together with their absolute best friends to seal the deal. And we had the bonus amazingness of running around the University of the Pacific capturing every moment of the knock-your-socks-off love between Carlos and Wil. Best day ever.