sima + eugene - 10.2.17

Who would've thought that a simple post on Reddit would lead to two Americans, two Icelanders, and two Russians all running around the coasts of Iceland together? Still can't believe these cuties invited us to join them at their elopement on the cliffs of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula – literally the raddest thing that's ever happened.

Not to mention that these two are some of the most lovingest, funniest, sarcasticest, bestestest people we've ever met! Sima and Eugene spent the day running on the beach, surprising each other with kisses, cracking jokes, cracking up at each other's jokes, and generally being the damn cutest couple ever.

Now all we want is to go visit them in St. Petersburg (but also kidnap them and all go live in Iceland together). CHEERS YOU BABES.