we're not big on just covering the basics. we'd rather go all out to tell the story of who you are. you fell in love, and we're here to show it. we don’t just film your wedding day. we tell the story of two people in love in the sexiest, cheeriest way we can.


We're All About You.

We've been to a lot of weddings. Like, a lot. And each one is different because you're different, and your love is different – maybe you're serious, maybe you're a goober, maybe you're a mix of the two! We believe in working with you to make something that's just as unique and special as you are, so we're all about custom packages here at White Raven. As one of our clients put it: "it is super annoying to have to decide on a package when some things are unneeded and others don't offer enough!" And we totally agree!

investment for the best day ever.

Most of us here at White Raven are married, so we get it: weddings are expensive, man! That's why we do custom packages with custom pricing – so you can have the wedding film you've always wanted, without breaking the bank over costs and having to live out of a cardboard box when you get back from the honeymoon.

You can expect your package to start somewhere around $2000, and depending on the custom package we build with you, it could be more, or less. We're here to make your day the bestest day it can be, so let's start building your package!

Shoot us a message to get chatting all about what makes your day the most specialest, and we'll work with you to make the perfect wedding film package for your amazing day!

Our Bucket List

We LOVE adventures and adventuring and going all over the globe to film you gettin' goofy with each other on your wedding day. So we put together a bucket list of some of our dream places we wanna go and adventure with our cameras. If you're getting hitched in one of these places, hit us up! We wanna do all these things:

get lost on the Scottish moors // dance on NYC rooftops // watch a sunset in Joshua Tree // drink a beer in St. Petersburg // avoid falling ice at the Big Four Ice Caves in Washington State // ride a camel in Egypt // road-trip around Texas or Montana or Canadaaaaa // ride the ferris wheel in London // get locked up at Alcatraz Island // any national park yes please