A White Raven is something different.

Anyone familiar with Edgar Allen Poe or Baltimore football teams knows one thing: ravens are black.

That's why we're White Raven – a white raven is rare, it's something different, something that, when seen, is awe-inspiring. We're a team who believe that art tells a story, and who strive to tell stories that stand out.


We specialize in vintage-style and modern cinematography and film (plus, we also give really good high fives). We'll spend your day running around with you, spreading good vibes + high energy, and capturing everything that makes your day rad. From "YES!" to "I do!", we're creatives with cameras and coffees in hand doing everything we can to make your day just the best.

Now that you know who we are,

we'd love to get to know who you are. Explore the rest of our site, or head over to our contact page to shoot us an email. We look forward to making something different with you!