Meet the White Raven team

HAYDEN Fletcher

Hayden is the creative director at White Raven. His passions include: Sony cameras, good coffee, great clients, and a really crisp high-five. And also the company cat, Gerard.


Jess Neal

Jess is one of our shooters at White Raven. Her photographic ability stuns us on a daily basis, and continues to provide our clients with shots so incredible, they'll cry. She's so badass, Gerard is allergic to her.


Nickole Harrison

Kat is the newest member of our team, and one of the most naturally talented when it comes to editing. Give her a strong cup of coffee and 'Grey's Anatomy' on the TV, and she'll make some amazing stuff. Ironically, she hates cats, especially Gerard.



The company cat. He mostly just lays around on top of everyone's computers and plays with camera straps.



There's a lot of other people who make great things, and we totally love working with them!
Click their names to read more about what they do, then go check them out and tell 'em we sent you!


+ Greg Petersen

Greg is one of our absolute favorite photographers to work alongside. His modern style is absolutely gorgeous, and his friendly, professional, incredibly creative approach to your wedding day is why White Raven + Greg Petersen is literally amazeballs!

+ Will Khoury

Will is all about adventure. From Yosemite to Joshua Tree, this dude loves traveling with you to your favorite places on earth to make all your wedding dreams a real thing. And his images show it: he's an explorer at heart, and his art captures you on the most beautiful day in the most beautiful places.

century logo copy.png

+ The Century

The Century is hands-down one of our favorite places to be. Exposed brick walls, crystal chandeliers, wood floors, and every photographer we know LOVES to shoot here. Besides, the people who run it are a-ma-zing. Hit them up for the Event of the Century!

+ Johnny & Kelly

Johnny and Kelly are beyond talented, friendly, fun, appropriate, and will make your wedding a PAR-TAY. They also specialize in live music, and we love their chill feel building to upbeat rocking for the dance party. All we can say is: they're the best DJs around.

+ Tarasa Handcrafted

Tarasa Handcrafted Leather Goods are one of our most trusted collaborators. From wallets to wine totes, Tarasa products are top-of-the-line conversation pieces, as well as their custom work for people who want to rock a little more leather in their lives.

+ Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre cannabis cigars wrapped with love and product from local gardens or farms around the globe. Their drive is to roll each cannagar with passion and precision to create something that can be enjoyed and admired even before its consumed – and we love them because a Cuba Libre's are a work of art from start to finish.